Start ASAP
Full-time / Contract

Fixed monthly salary from 1 500 to 3 300 €

Full remote (offices at Košice, Brno, Prague, Budapest)

                                                                                              We are looking for Node.js backend developers to help us build a new platform for cross-border logistics:
                                                                                              • we will deliver packages to 15 countries of Central and Eastern Europe for e-commerce platforms and e-shops;
                                                                                              • we plan to go from 0 to 4 000 000 packages in just 2 years;
                                                                                              • we are developing a modern backend platform in Node.js, using AWS serverless services and NoSQL DB;
                                                                                              • we are building a fast-moving team with 4 Developers, a QA engineer, a Product Owner and IT Business Analyst;
                                                                                              • we are the fastest growing fitness company in Europe with 250 employees.

                                                                                              WHAT WILL BE YOUR JOB:

                                                                                              • write efficient, testable, and reusable Node.js (with TypeScript) code for Serverless framework;
                                                                                              • develop our own API for other developers, write AWS Lambda functions to handle API requests;
                                                                                              • integrate our platform with 3rd-party delivery services;
                                                                                              • develop our serverless infrastructure on AWS;
                                                                                              • perform code reviews;
                                                                                              • create value for customers, experiment with new features, design our platform;
                                                                                              • improve our CI/CD pipeline and DevOps practices;
                                                                                              • solve complex performance problems;
                                                                                              • bring new ideas to life every week and help other people on your team to be their best.

                                                                                              TECH STACK WE USE ON THIS TEAM:

                                                                                              • Node.js with TypeScript;
                                                                                              • Serverless framework;
                                                                                              • AWS infrastructure: Lambdas, API Gateway, SQS, S3 buckets;
                                                                                              • NoSQL database DynamoDB;
                                                                                              • Git.

                                                                                              SKILLS WE ARE LOOKING FOR:

                                                                                              • you consider yourself a backend or a full-stack developer;
                                                                                              • you have used Node.js on some web backend before - either on a job or on a side fun project;
                                                                                              • you want to build modern cloud apps;
                                                                                              • you prize learning and personal growth;
                                                                                              • you like moving fast, getting things done, and delivering value to users;
                                                                                              • you are familiar with Agile development methodologies;
                                                                                              • it’s a plus if you have developed scalable cloud platforms before;
                                                                                              • it’s a plus if you have worked on serverless architecture before, or if you are familiar with AWS services in general.

                                                                                              GYMBEAM’S TECH TEAM OVERVIEW:

                                                                                              • 5 teams and 25 people;
                                                                                              • 11 software developers, 5 data engineers, 2 QA engineers, 3 product owners, 2 IT business analysts, 1 scrum master;
                                                                                              • projects in our repo: 10x PHP, 10x JavaScript, 8x Android, 6x Python;
                                                                                              • 167 deploys last year and 900 575 lines of code in repos;
                                                                                              • our webs served 30M customers and had 250M pageviews last year.

                                                                                              JOB PERKS:

                                                                                              • really flexible hours and fully remote position;
                                                                                              • a very competitive salary;
                                                                                              • all overtimes paid out automatically with the higher rate;
                                                                                              • an extra week of vacation when baby is born;
                                                                                              • open-air rooftop gym and chillout areas in our head office;
                                                                                              • gyms and recreational facilities memberships;
                                                                                              • shopping at our e-shop at cost prices;
                                                                                              • twice a day lunches for 1 € in our head office, compensation otherwise;
                                                                                              • e-learning courses at LinkedIn and Udemy, online certifications and conferences;
                                                                                              • elaborate personal development plan;
                                                                                              • coworking spaces at Brno, Praha, Budapest;
                                                                                              • working with like-minded people on the stuff that matters.

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