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GymBeam is one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in CEE region. We are manufacturer of more than 700 products of sport nutrition and functional food with 7 own brands and over 120 brands that are reselled. We have headquarter in Germany and logistics and operations center in Slovakia. Gymbeam has currently over 230 employees and rapidly growing during these months. We are expanding, especially for roles in Marketing, Logistics as well as IT and Data science. As innovator leader we are also very keen in hiring specialist on warehouse automation and robotics as we are currently transforming our warehouse premises on one of the most robotic and automated in the region. Our company values are all based around our customer and our employees. Come to join us, experience amazing growth and unique company culture together with us! Beam your career with GymBeam!

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GymBeam story
  • The fastest growing company in industry in CEE
  • 100% ownership and 100% focus of 2 founders
  • builded from private money 30K €
  • cost of warehouse and shipped products 3,5M+ €
  • 2014 Launching in Slovakia
  • 2015 Launching in Hungaria
  • 2016 Launching in Czech Republic
  • 2017 Launching in Romania and Croatia
  • 2018 Launching in Bulgaria and Ukraine
  • 2019 Launching in Slovenia and Poland
  • 2020 Launching in Greece, Serbia and Bosnia
  • 2021 Guess which country is going to be the next ? :)
GymBeam Team
  • 230 Team members
  • 12 Nationalities
  • 28 Average age
  • area 8500 m²
  • 4000 average shipped packages/day
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About Us 2
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We are growing and moving fast. Our main characteristic is that we set ambitious goals and we strive to deliver them quickly, while going the extra mile to do so.



Our clients comes first. Always. We drive clients’ success and satisfaction through our internal community as well as interaction with the external sporting & healthy living community, all while using the newest marketing and communication channels.



We work hard and smart. We focus on productivity and always put in extra effort when needed. As a result, our success is built on timely & flexible delivery on our projects, fulfilling unexpected internal goals and exceeding our client’s expectations. Our smart and hard work delivers top quality outputs for our clients.



Great teams are made out of great people. Our company's core values are delivered thanks to the great people working at GymBeam. Our ecosystem helps you to unlock your hidden potential and to develop your ideas as well as yourself. We set the best possible foundation for both individual and team work when required.



We are passionate about constantly innovating the business in all possible directions. We aim to be the leading player in our segment. We do this mainly through the usage of and investments in new technologies, innovating current processes and focusing on continuous exponential growth. As a result, we’ll keep on growing, moving fast and pioneering our industry.

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Benefits background


  • Maternity Leave

    Paid leave for a woman who is pregnant or has just given birth. One week on the top of standard.

  • Paternity Leave

    Paid leave from work for fathers following the birth of their child. One week on the top of standard.

  • Memberships

    Memberships such as professional memberships, social clubs and sports clubs. More necessary to a role such as a sales person who is expected to meet and entertain prospective customers.

  • Wellness

    Programs that encourage an employee to stay healthy such as a gym membership or access to specialists such as a nutritionist.

  • Products & Services

    The practice of providing employees with discounted or free access to your products and services.

  • Orientation

    Formal and informal orientation program for new employees within professional onboarding training program.

  • Team Building

    Teambuildings - Many educational, funny and relaxing ways to empower teams and indviduals, to improve decision making, problem solving, and team-development skills to achieve business results.

  • Management Training

    Program designed for employees who want to or have the capability to progress towards leadership positions in the company. Teach skills such as leadership, conflict resolution, communication skills etc..

  • Library with professional resources

    Company library and paid online content are useful for employees to stay updated on work related topics

  • Mentoring from senior employees

    Mentoring provided by senior management in the company and if needed also by external Business Coaches.

  • E-learning course

    Online universities, tests, and courses for employee to study online, to work on personal growth and improve knowledge in various work and non-work related subjects.

  • World-class Conferences

    Regular visits of the top world-class conferences in work related subjects.

  • Spot Bonus Award

    Regular and ad hoc financial awards provided for extra work performance or for great representation of the company in Slovakia and abroad.

  • Sales Commission

    For employees working in sales department there is special bonus model included in their salary that gives them commision based on delivery and overdelivery of sales targets.

  • Extra Business Expenses

    Company covers extra business expenses if reasonable. Eg. To get VIP access to some conferences or travel in more comfortable travel class, etc. All with respect to expected and delivered outputs of each business trip.

  • Food & Beverages

    Firm provides for free Refreshments and beverages such as a coffee, tea and water service. Lunches are provided for symbolic price.

  • Stock plan

    After the 1st year of working in the company - option to receive Stock plan based on great work performance and future ambitions to continue work at the company. In some cases it is available from the very first day at new job in the company.

  • Working from Home

    Work from home can improve concentration for some work activities, or help to balance some private matters during the working days.

  • Flexible working hours

    Company offers flexible work hours.

  • Sabbatical

    Non-paid leave between 6 weeks and 6 months. Available for all employees working longer than 3 years and fulfilling certain criteria.

  • International and diverse team

    We have currently over 8 nationalities and colleagues with really very various background. This is very unique work environment that is still growing in terms of diversity

Who are we?

Job opportunities

Company values